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Welcome to Shabby to Chic Dog Grooming

Introducing Puppy's to the grooming world


“ Fear and bad behaviour will cost you more in stress and money in the long run”

What is included?

You will receive three 30 minute introduction sessions, your first will be FREE! These sessions focus on introducing your puppy: 

1. To the grooming environment, getting used to being on the grooming table with restraints, handling and light brush out.

2.  To the sounds and vibrations of the clippers, sounds and sounds and feel of the dryer.

3. To the bath, introducing nail clippers and clipping tips of nails, handling of face and trimming round eyes. 

The fourth session usually lasts around 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending on the size of dog as well as temperament, this also enables your puppy to have a break in between. 

This session includes: 

A Bath and dry, brush out, feet trim, light face trim, sanitary areas, nail clipping and ear cleaning. 

Once your puppy has successfully graduated, you will then receive 25% off their first full groom! 

ALL 4 sessions for ONLY £45!

Payable upon time of booking, must be completed before 6 months old.

What age can my puppy enrol at puppy university?

It is important that your puppy completes all their vaccinations before they are able to explore the big wide world. 

Once they are completed your puppy can join us at Shabby to Chic, we recommend that you enrol before your puppy is 16 weeks as this is the best time for them to take things in and learn new things.