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What is the Groomers Spotlight?

Would you visit an unqualified dentist? I know I certainly wouldn’t, so why is it any different for dog groomers?

Did you know it is not a legal requirement for dog groomers to have qualifications? That means anyone can pick up a pair of clippers or scissors, and call themself a “dog groomer”. 

But a dog groomer is more than that, it’s all about the knowledge of how to spot health conditions, handling the dog in the correct way wether it be a puppy to a golden oldie, sanity before vanity and doing the best for the dog in the situation that your in. 

I’m so pleased to announce that after all the hard work I have put in, I have completed my diploma. This means I am now a fully fledged member on “ The groomers spotlight”!

Many of you may not know what the groomers spotlight is but I’m going to share this with you. 

The Groomers spotlight is a very successful website, which was set up by two very successful dog groomers with dog owners in mind. This website was made for the owners of dogs to locate only level 3 Diploma qualified dog groomers in there area. 

Surprisingly there are only 3 qualified dog groomers on this website throughout the whole of Norfolk, so how many “dog groomers” are qualified. 

Learn More

So if you click on the “find out more“ button below, it will take you to my GroomersSpotlight profile, you will be able to read about my journey so far in Dog Grooming, as well as viewing some of my grooming pictures and my achievements. 

Alternitively if you have friends and family that do not live in Wymondham but would like to find a qualified dog groomer, you can go back to the Groomers Spotlight home page and type in a postcode at the top,which will bring up a list of dog groomers for you to view. 

If you have used my services and were happy, I would so appreciate it if you would click on the ”find out more” button below which will take you to my groomers spotlight profile, and under my picture it will have a box that says “reccomend?”, just click this box. It will ask you to set up an account, which will take 2 seconds of your time. 

This will help other dog owners when finding a dog groomer.